Sunday Edition #14

This week's Etsy find is eye-popping glass artist in Israel, Michal Silberberg. The screen cap is from his website, and from there you can get to his Etsy shop, Michal.S:

I love his color sense - great way to jumpstart a sleepy Sunday morning, eh?


  1. I am the proud owner of one of his beads (it was a real splurge and I debated it for some time but don't regret it for a second!). I take it out every now and then and just admire it. It is stunningly beautiful! I don't think I will ever use it in anything "for sale" -- it will stay with me, for me ;D

  2. Wow, these beads are spectacular! How do you find all these goodies, Morwyn?

    Kathy V in NM

  3. @ Carol Dean - any chance you could share a photo of your treasure? I'd love to see it (and make myself even more jealous . . .)

    @ KV - I try to spend a little time every week surfing Etsy, StumbleUpon and deviantArt getting ideas, trend-watching and the cyber equivalent of window shopping. Keeps me from getting too stale in my thinking.


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