Taking a Break

Sunday Edition #15

I've been obsessing over color lately, and during my last treasury search I came across the Etsy shop of Indigo Flameworks:
The artists' inspired choices of metalwork and enameling married with gorgeous gemstones or pearls are brilliant - you can read all about them on their website HERE.
Not to drop too heavy a hint, but Mother's Day IS coming . . .
Isn't this fabulous? Every time I look at this, I get lost in the depths of the colors, the intricate patterning . . .



I Just Had To Listen Harder

I needed to hear what the beads were telling me to do.

I had just finished this set of bangles when they started talking:

Jeanne's Kitchen


Sunday Edition #14

This week's Etsy find is eye-popping glass artist in Israel, Michal Silberberg. The screen cap is from his website, and from there you can get to his Etsy shop, Michal.S:

I love his color sense - great way to jumpstart a sleepy Sunday morning, eh?


Another Treasury? So Soon?

I've been a little jammed up, computer-wise, and so I'm a little late with my thanks to JanEleven for showcasing my Magical Fish in her treasury, Beware A Yellow Sky (ends tonight). Check out her shop if you get a chance - there are some interesting things in there.