No Time

The bookstore has been eating my life. I'm only managing to grab a moment here and there for creative endeavors - at least I've managed to finish all the crocheted bangle sets in my "Lit From Within" series (Sets 5 & 6 are MINE), and I'm refining my design for the sculptural peyote cuff - I'm still gathering elements for it. Each new bead I find changes the dynamic . . . but I gotta stop somewhere. It's just that I need a longer stretch of uninterrupted time with things to come to any kind of cohesive plan. Doesn't look like that will happen any time soon. And all these lampwork goodies are distracting me, which doesn't help, either.

I may have to use some of them in making a few little feathered fringe bracelets - they work up (relatively) quickly, will fit into my current harried schedule and will keep me from going nuts while I wait for my day off.

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