Next Thing I Know

I'm in a treasury - well, not ME exactly but one of my bracelets - this one actually.
Georgia O'Keeffe and the Three Bears

The link is good up thru Friday morning. I'm no good at treasury captures, or I'd post what it looks like. Many thanks to KneeDeepOriginals for adding me to her collection.

Anyway, I'm busy stocking my Etsy shelves, working on the vainglorious assumtion that I might get a bit of interest from the Beaded Book exhibition next weekend in Santa Fe.
Here's my second set of bangles in the Lit From Within series.

This is a sort of closeup of the lampworked treasure from Canyon Echoes that pulls the set together.

Nazca Lines - I learned how to join multiple crocheted ropes together with this piece.

I also took some better pics of my Aphazia piece - I still get a blue sheen from some of the onyx stars but I'm generally satisfied with the new effort.


  1. Morwyn, I'm mesmerized by your Georgia bracelet. How did you design this? It's so intricate...

    at Rings & Things

  2. Thanks, Dave! If you'd like to know more about "Georgia O'Keeffe and the Three Bears," click the link in my
    Etsy shop sidebar - there's a description of the genesis of the piece there.

  3. I love your nascar lines bracelet especially, beautiful muted tones in the pearls.

  4. Georgia and the Three Bears is one of my alltime favorite of your designs! It deserves to be in many, many more treasuries . . .

    Kathy V in NM


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