Making Connections & Sunday Edition #11

"Connector" - William Wegman - 1994

I met up with ModeRage, among others, at breakfast yesterday morning. We got to chatting about things beady and she mentioned she had a sackful of lampwork beads for me. Later in the day she stopped by our bookstore and gave me all these amazing little bits of glass. Seems she has an acquaintance who is learning lampworking and had an overabundance of her fledgling efforts. Now they're in my stash - hatching plots. I love making connections.

So that's how I spent my evening - making connections. Sorting through, matching up, discovering treasures.
Setting this all aside to get back to the tasks at hand was tough. Already I have a dozen ideas swimming around in my head.

Speaking of swimmy ideas, here's one of my base sketches for my next sculptural peyote bracelet:
There's a great article, two actually, in the March '09 issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist on the subject of sketching your designs. Whether you're a beader, metalworker, fiber artist - doesn't matter - I found the advice in there fairly universal. You know, I've never worked a sculptural peyote band on the vertical before, but this one is demanding that's what I do. I might not have seen that without sketching it first. Matter of fact, I found a few little lampwork beads in that bag that will work perfectly into the design.

Now, for my Etsy fav this week:

I found Virago Creations by doing a little browsing in my "Shop Local" section of Etsy. Fortunately for me, there is a wealth of shops here in Albuquerque, including supply shops. I found myself in need of a LOT of bamboo tiles, and much to my delight, she has the biggest selection on Etsy! Great service, too.

These beads ain't gonna crochet themselves. Back to work.


  1. As if I have nothing else to do, all this talk about crocheting beads has got me itching to try this technique! Showed your yummy bracelets to Jim and he was astonished and intrigued.

    Love the sketch and your new lampworked treasures . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  2. @ KV: Bead crochet takes turns with bead embroidery and sculptural peyote as my favorite technique. A word of caution - once you learn, you'll be making rope after rope! It's addictive!!

  3. Those lampwork "fledglings" are adorable! Sometimes it's fun to have a bunch of mismatched beads to stretch your creativity.



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