Sunday Edition #7 and Valentines

I mentioned before that I belong to deviantArt, a great community of artists and artisans of every media imaginable. They held an interesting valentine contest yesterday (and today) that you can see here: Be Fella's Valentine Coloring Contest. After downloading the 'coloring page,'
then you open it with your favorite computer painting program, like Photoshop, and color in the blocks using only solid color fill but in any way you want. I was floored by the variety and ingenuity of the deviantArtists - here are the two I submitted:

I'm still playing with it - it's a marvelous way to stretch my color muscles.

Now for the Sunday Edition - this week's Etsy shop is Pagasari:

They're relatively new to Etsy, but not to the web. Check out their site
I have a special place in my heart for the gorgeous zen tea bowl - and this studio has perfected it. I'm saving up in a special fund to one day acquire one of these. They are pricey, but they are definitely worth it.

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  1. A colouring contest for adults?! What a great idea! Love your entries Morwyn, I can see that this exercise would be loads of fun :)


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