Moving On At Last & Sunday Edition #8

Chilly Scenes of Illness

I am finished with it at last. And I feel I can put this behind me now. I'm offering it for sale in my Etsy shop. Here is my description:

Originally this piece was begun as an 'art therapy' project - I wanted to confront one of my oldest issues; my longstanding impression of doctors as cold and unfeeling. Gradually, it came to mean more than that. It became a representation of the emotional life of the patient - that of alienation, of being cast out on the ice floe, of being left out in the cold. It is a working stethoscope (Prestige brand), covered in "rumpled peyote stitch," a technique I devised myself, using Japanese and Czech glass seed beads. The "icicles" are moonstone chips interspersed with seed beads on white silver finish wire, suspended from white silver finish chain. It required approximately twenty-five hours to complete.

Now - on to something with COLOR!!

I decided to work with the gorgeous, "Lit From Within" lampwork beads I obtained from Canyon Echoes.

These are not the beads I have. They just look like the beads I have. Does that make sense? I'm doing some interesting design work with bead crochet ropes and the larger tab shapes. Well, before I get back to them, here's this week's favorite Etsy shop:

I love the simplicity, the iconic nature of Beth Hemmil's silver charms. There is literally something for everyone here. This one is my current favorite:


  1. I like the simple, stabby, needle-like fringe that you put on.

  2. quite a unique piece, morwyn...and I know how much work it was!

  3. Now wouldn't this look positively grand in some lady doctor's office!!!

    Beautiful job, Morwyn . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  4. Oh, I say! I wish I knew a doctor who desevered a specail gift.

    It is beautiful, Morwyn

  5. Hoorah, it's finished! It's fabulous, Morwyn...very unique. I'm sure you don't want to be doing any more tubular peyote for a while LOL Now bring on those coloured beads :-)


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