Too Much Brain Noise

I just couldn't seem to settle down to any one project this afternoon, so what did I do?

I wasted about two hours playing this goofy, old-school game. Well, not really wasted. In my defense, I have a perfectly valid reason for doing this. I spent my day running the bookstore (uncharacteristically busy for the first of the year) while trying to catch up on about 8 months' worth of filing. I managed to finish just before I went off shift at 3:30. I'd been going over my end-of-year list for the accountants and my brain got tired. So while I had my dunch (dinner/lunch) I played Chip's Challenge - I'm actually on Level Pack 2, Level 103: Island Hopping. It's ridiculous and I know that, but it gets me to transition from left-brain list making to right brain bead play.

I love tools. One of my recent acquisitions is one of those little Beadalon jump ring makers.
I figured I've got all these different kinds of wire (from my wire-wrapping days) and I don't see myself making billions of jump rings, so this little kit should be adequate for my needs. I made a pile of rings and started weaving a chain - I can't remember what this particular beginner's weave is called - and then I made a couple of leaves. I'm not really sure if they're going together, but that's what I mean about not being able to settle down. Right now I'm just playing with ideas and it feels good. Even if there are too many of them.


  1. It's Helm Weave.

    I was good today. I finished my handbag (!) started a new scarf to match a pair of glove's Don's mom gave to me for Christmas, and finished up year-end bookkeeping. Oh, and I did lay out a new handbag...start that one tomorrow.

  2. Thanks, Darcy! And that handbag is too, too gorgeous. My colors, too!


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