Sunday Edition #3

Wow. Nothing makes you feel the passage of time like numbering your weeks.

Anyhoo - this week's installment of Stuff I Like On Etsy focuses on some of the funniest greeting cards I've ever seen. It's Julianna Holowka's Etsy shop, julih32:

You can see tons more of her stuff at her website HERE.
Besides cards, she also has a line of home decor items (pillows, lamps, etc). I should warn you, if you're not a fan of the Mean Cards for Many Occasions, you might find something there to offend you. I think she's hilarious. Now you know a whole bunch more about me.

Yesterday I built the citrine and lapis lazuli fringe bead - it's the smallest one I've made and I'd say it's just about an inch in diameter.


I like how it came out, but it wasn't quite what I saw in my mind. I'm going to try again with yellow jade and blue synthetic topaz.

I've been remaking the black and white fringe beads I made the other day - then in the middle of all this, I started thinking about getting back into bead embroidery again. I was admiring the Jade Dog's drop-dead gorgeous purses, so yesterday at the thrift store I found this totally cool brick red leather bag that would be perfect for the same sort of treatment. I have these great Wild Horse cabochons and discs that would be terrific in a freeform embroidery piece, along with some interesting heart charms, maybe some garnet and moonstone chips . . . I've got to work on a sketch for that.

And I still want to alter another pony doll, this time a bit more realistic - something along the lines of the Carol Grigg watercolor of the Chinese horse:

Time. I need more time.


  1. Love what you have been doing with these fringe beads, Morwyn!

    And I was wondering how long it would take for you to miss bead embroidery . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  2. I love your lapis and citrine fringe bead... It's luscious! Thanks for Jade Dog link. I hadn't seen her work previously and like it a lot. A brick red leather bag sounds like a great starting place! Carol Grigg's horse painting will be a wonderful inspiration for you!

    Robin A.


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