Sunday Edition #2

Already! The days are slipping through my hands too quickly again.
Havresac is this week's Etsy shop - I love these bags.

This is kind of a two-fer today, as she also has a second Etsy shop, Kackleboan -

She brings such a marvelous sense of fun and play into her work, it always makes me smile to browse her shop. And lament that she has so few items on offer!

I finished my second juicy little orange/purple/copper fringe bead pendant after some experimentation with the length of the fringes. I like how this one turned out so much more than the first that I ripped the first one apart and I'm halfway through rebuilding it closer to my heart's desire.

Heart's desire . . . something's been pinging the back of my brain pan for at least a week and that little phrase just tipped it into the access bay. I need to get busy on Valentine thingies. Earrings and whatsits.

I picked up a boodle of heart-shaped gemstone strands for just this occasion.


  1. I love the two shops haversac and kackleboan. I traded her a purse for a few pieces of mine. Great craftsmanship and artistry.

  2. I just bought one of Joan's havresacs - I can hardly wait!

  3. Hi,
    This will probably get buried, but I just ran across this blog entry.
    Thank you very much! It lightened my day!


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