Sunday Edition #1

New thingie I'll be doing this year; every Sunday I'm going to post a favorite shop over at Etsy. Just 'cuz. In this inaugural edition, I'd like to share my current jawdropper, Jan Huling, operator of the Etsy shop elJan:

Too too cool, eh? I like her website, too - Jan Huling - Beadist.

What I Did Today

First, I redesigned my blog banner here and I got a little distracted, trying to remember how Photoshop works. It's been way too long since I mucked about with the program. Then I took out a widget or two and expanded the margins. I like the results. I'll most likely fiddle with the blog colors tomorrow.

Next up; remember this? My challenge to bead your fears? In case you missed it, here's that clickable banner link to my challenge.

Now here's my sorta progress report. The embellishment is in Phase One. I'm laying in the first round of icicle fringe. It's tedious, but once all the grunt work is done, then I'll have some fun with Phase Two, which will be a great deal more creative.

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow, Jan Huling's work is amazing! I love her bold use of colour...a beadist after my own colourful heart :)

    Love the new blog banner, Morwyn...it suits you ;) Your scary beadwork is coming along really well...I look forward to more progress pics!


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