Stalling Out

I'm stuck. On two fronts.

I sat here looking at the "Death-O-Scope" and realized it wasn't working for me - and why. So I'm ripping it all apart tonight. Which is therapeutic in its own way.

The red purse patch is slowing down - I keep making false starts, backing up, ripping out then lurching forward in tiny increments. I'm editing myself as I go - and I'm overthinking this in large measure.

I had my third migraine in 4 days today. This is a first for me. Last year I had maybe four migraines total. Wow. Made it through a day of work in spite of it. And I get to wear sunglasses constantly for the next couple of weeks.

On the upside, I got the lampworked beads I special-ordered from Canyon Echoes! They are going to be perfect for what I have in mind - my next group of bead crochet projects. Pics of them up tomorrow.

Oh - and I shipped my beaded journal off to Interweave yesterday. New date to worry over: March 6, when the winners are announced.


  1. I'm concerned for you, Morwyn. That is entirely too many migraines in such a short period :( I hope you will touch base with your neurologist. Please.

  2. I second that sentiment, Morwyn -- you are seeing your physician, right?

    Please take care of yourself . . .

    Kathy V in NM (who can't quite get herself to bead her scary snake either!)

  3. Please don't be concerned - doctors will be seen shortly and everything will be fine.


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