Ooooooo Shiny . . .

I got another late start here in the 'studio' - we spent a few hours working on restoring order to the bookshelves in the store this afternoon. By the time I got to anything creative I was kinda beat and more than a little hungry. After a mug of tomato and red pepper soup and a grilled Swiss cheese sandwich I almost nodded off. I made a cup of raspberry quince black tea and found my second wind.

So there I was, still culling through my mound of purple glass, when I came across this bag of amethyst chips. The color is so clear and deep, I start thinking - didn't I see some other stones around here? And there it is - this fat little bag full of fire agate chips, flaming and juicy.

I finished with my sorting as quickly as I could and in the process realized I've misplaced many of the shapes I'd used in the Rosetti sunset beads. But I can't be bothered with looking for them right now - I gotta get to my sketchbook.

I'm looking at this wonderful, serendipitous little mess and I'm looking at the clock and damn. I'm outta time again.

The light's not great and I need to change the batteries in the camera, but you get the general idea.

I'll be so glad when I hand over all this paperwork to the accountants. I really hate January.

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