Today's creative thingie was a little time waster I found by way of some friends over at Deviant Art - the website is called "Face Your Manga" and this was my result:

I wanted to make a new avatar for some of the forums I regularly post to and I love all those websites that allow you to put yourself into a familiar style - last year, getting Simpsonized was fun, and so was making myself into an M&M character - but turning into a Lego figure was probably the most fun I had with this type of program. I almost forgot to mention the first avatar generator I ever used - making myself into a South Park character.

I did manage to work on that purple and orange fringe bead I'd been thinking about, but I need to fine-tune it some before I take any pics.


  1. Love the new avatar -- it's right on!

    Kathy V in NM

  2. A round face, a pair of glasses and some white hair - it's hard to get me wrong!

    Hope your new year's unfolding nicely, Kathy!


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