The Mail Came! The Mail Came!

Here I am, all wound up in my jammies, sweater, bathrobe, two pairs of socks and a pile of blankets, feeling this cold IN MY CORE. So I got the day off today to just be utterly miserable. Knowing I was expecting my package from The Jade Dog, my partner valiantly braved the stinging wind and walked up the street to check our postal mail box. My chains are here! And a few beads, too. So I popped the fringed beads onto the ball chains and got some pics to share.

Black & Gray

Black & Crystal

Black & White

I like these black and whites - I'm going to make a few more using black sandstone and moonstone/opal chips.


  1. You're always so sickly :)

    Glad you liked your goods. I'm taking the embellished handbags I made this weekend to the Joslyn tomorrow morning. I sure hope they can sell them there.

    Oh, I almost forgot- Don has made a website, http://www.plaincraft.com. You can upload pics of your works and people can rate them for coolness. Check it out and upload some things.

    :) Darcy

  2. @ JadeDog: Stop it. I am not. I'd wish you luck with those bags if I didn't lust after them so hard in my own heart. I like Don's new site - I need to set aside a bigger chunk o' time to look it over more carefully.


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