A Late, Slow Start

I have my preliminary sketch, now I have the larger elements nailed down - the more interesting stuff is yet to come. By tomorrow evening I expect to have more of the midsized elements incorporated. Last night I spent almost an hour taking the hideous yellow finish from the zipper heads, removing the ghastly zipper pulls and replacing them with an enormous metal star for the side pocket and heart for the main pocket. They're on the underside in this picture, but you get an idea of the color of the leather.

The thread across the found metal angel was put there to keep her in place while the glue dries - the cabochon, discs and button bead are Wild Horse stone that I picked up at Kameyab Imports during my wild shopping spree with Darcy. Those are stick pearls on either side of the main cab.

I'm at one of my favorite parts now - selecting the midsize elements. I have this wealth of choices and by the time I hit the hay I should have them culled down to a working number.

I forgot how much I really love bead embroidery.


  1. Oooh -- this is going to be terrific!

    Kathy V in NM

  2. Thanks, Kathy - I sure hope so!


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