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Did I mention I finished this some time back? And how much I like the banded agate beads? And how great it feels when worn? And how well it goes with most of my wardrobe? And how you won't see it in my Etsy shop for a while?

My creative act today was to redesign our bookstore business cards. Boring but necessary. I spent the day sorting, selecting and discarding a handful of bead choices for the purse - or 'satchel' as Darcy refers to them. I got a chance to sit down and put the beaded bezel around the large Wild Horse cab. It took me a while but I managed to track down some missing antique silver finish beads (Miyuki 11-464A for those of you keeping score at home).


  1. lovely bracelet/cuff, morwyn!

    (keeping track? I can barely keep track of what day it is, lol!)

  2. Gorgeous cuff, Morwyn! I can see why you want to hang on to this one for a while. For some reason, it looks to me like the banded agate pieces are little planets floating around in their own starry universe...perhaps I should go and make my morning coffee now LOL :)

  3. @ Belinda: You see it exactly right! They ARE little planets floating in a starry sky! With dark (black onyx) stars scattered here and there! "Aphazia" = phases

  4. Yay me! :D It's really gorgeous, Morwyn!


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