I completely underestimated the - um, abundance of purple beads I've amassed over the years. I wanted to get a good idea of what I would have available as I prepare to make more fringe beads. What I imagined would be the work of perhaps an hour is now staring me down - and I blinked. I'll get back to it tomorrow afternoon - but knowing I have to wait until then is killing me. Time is not my friend. Where's a decent Wrinkle when you need one?

Culling is always my first stage when I'm getting ready for a new project - things fall together around a central idea - then I have to go through the first round of pick & choose - what you see here is just about half of the small chunky purple bits I have to explore. This is my creative endeavor for the day.

I've been consumed with left brain stuff for most of the day - I only just caught up with the Astronomy Picture of the Day this morning. In doing so, I came across this and spent most of my allotted internet time just staring into Space, if you will.

This is a photo of the galactic core shot in infrared. You can read all about it HERE.

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