What The Jade Dog Taught Me

If you go to The Jade Dog, you can order patterns, like the one I used here.  I love the results, but boy howdy. Those last few rows of fringe can get really tricky.

Here's Inspiration #51! It's Beth Stone -
I just picked up her book, Seed Bead Stitching,

and I am just loving it. Her website is full of cool stuff - most especially her page of links - love those NY Vintage Beads!!


  1. wow! i love those colours you used, really beautiful!!!

  2. Thanks, Triz! I think I'm in love with this color combination - I keep dreaming about it still!

  3. really beautiful!!!

  4. Well, it all makes sense now. I was trying to figure out why I suddenly had 4 requests in 12 hours for my newletter, when I've had the option up on my website for a year and have had only 2 requests. Ahha!

  5. Oooh I love your fringe bead, Morwyn! The colours are to-die-for. I think I'll be dreaming of them too ;) LOL

  6. @ BETY (Betina Sandra) - Gracias!

    @ The Jade Dog - Behold! The power of networking!

    @ Belinda - Thank you! Cheers!


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