Shoving Myself Out There Again.

The Rio Grande - a commissioned work - May 1995

Remember this post HERE? Well, it's been over a year since I accepted any commissioned works - I think my exact words at the time were "Break all my beading fingers if I EVER take on another commission." Something like that.

The Lizard - a commissioned piece - November 1997

Anyway, time has healed much of the wounding and I'm more organized now, better able to take this on and I'm ready at last to stick my chin out there and say, "Hell yes! I can make that!" Besides, Etsy has a great setup for handling this stuff with lots of mutual protections for buyer and seller alike which serves to lessen much of my trepidation in this area.

Whose Woods These Are - A Commissioned Work - November 2006

I had to put myself farther back in time, before my Awful Experience, and remember all the successes I had up to that point. You can see a gallery of some of those pieces in a Flickr set HERE.

With any kind of luck, it will be fun again.


  1. You do such gorgeous work, I don't see how people can help themselves from asking!

  2. I'm glad to see you taking commissions again...it would be a real shame to let one bad experience (and I DO remember how awful it was!) dictate your future actions.

  3. You know, Bobbi, I don't think I would have if Etsy didn't have their Alchemy program. And thanks for the encouragement!


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