Makin' a Thing, Sold A Couple Things, Remembered a Thing

The Black Hole cuff is now "A Phazia." I've been working on it here at The Day Job.

I sold one of my older pieces, "Dreamsnake Bangle in Burgundy"on Etsy:

And I sold this from the gift cabinet here at the bookstore:
The Autumn Bangle.

As to what I remembered - actually it's a whole raft of things. I finished reorganizing all my bead related paraphernalia (which is to say chunky bits, medium-sized bits, findings, drawings, journals, needles, thread, tools and charms) and remembered what I wanted to do with about 75% of this stuff. So the task of making a production schedule is a little less daunting. Not bad, considering the list of projects remembered is 150+. Just imagine if I had total recall!!

I'm going to stay away from bead shops and internet sites just to be on the safe side* - if I don't rein things in, I'll never live long enough to do all I want just with what I have now!!

Lest I forget again, I AM still working on my challenge piece. In case you missed it, here's that clickable banner link to my challenge again, and I hope you'll think about it -

Of COURSE I'm going to extend the deadline. Of COURSE.

*Wish me luck with THAT. I could as easily influence the tides as keep myself from looking at bead porn. Sheesh.

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