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"Legend has it that when the great western dragons were being hunted to near extinction, they drew a battle line on the shores of the sea. So many fell on that horrible day that it was thought they were gone forever. When the dust had settled, though, the youngest of the dragons - those who had been hidden away into places of safety - emerged from their caves high above the seashore. When they saw their friends and family dead and dying, they wept great tears of sorrow. Because a dragon's internal temperature is so very high, the instant their tears fell on the sand, they turned to glass.

Many years later, these tears were discovered and dispersed throughout the world, that we who love and revere these wise and wonderful creatures, might never forget and thereby never repeat that dreadful day."

This "memento draconus mori", a curious shade of the palest peach, is here captured in a wire wrapping the color of dried dragon's blood with a steampunk flavor and suspended from a 24" silver toned chain.

Actually, I made the pendants some time back but only recently got around to putting them on chains.

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