Not Much Progress and A Few Asides

I haven't gotten very far with my stethoscope. I made the huge mistake of surfing eBay for lampwork spacer beads. I got an incredible deal on some and once they got here, I dropped everything else. I've been making these rings, as you can see.

Like most beaders, I'm easily distracted by shiny objects. About twelve years ago my partner Asa took me to meet a friend of his who makes pottery - more specifically, artisan and raku pottery. I remember the building as being small and crowded with all sorts of wonderful things. George, the potter, had a small handful of raku pottery beads which I snatched up instantly. Then I saw this strand of distressed wooden disk beads hanging from one of the rafters. He gave them to me with a big, toothy grin. I had no idea what I was going to do with them at the time - which is the story with most of the stuff back in my 'chunk bits' storage. Eventually I figure out why they've come to me. The minute I held the lampwork beads in my hand I knew what to do. I still have about 7 more rings planned - then I can get back to 'beading my fear.'

A Brief Aside
In my last post, I mentioned being interviewed for an online magazine-of-sorts. This is the second time I've done an interview, and I have to tell you - it's not an easy deal. They send you a list of questions and you have the discretion of answering them all or just a few and adding anything you'd like. It's really hard to do without coming off like a pompous twit. I must have edited my answers at least a dozen times and still I think I sound like an ass. My inner critic sleeps when I bead but goes on a complete tear when I write anything.

Another Aside
Site hits. The weirdest thing happened last Saturday. I have an account with BlogPatrol, which is a very cool way to track how many visitors you get to your blog, what country they're from, stuff like that. So I check my stats there about twice a week. I look back and see that for last Saturday, they recorded 105 hits to my little blog here! I KNOW that has to be wrong. I usually get 10 - 12 hits a day. I hope to find out just what happened there in the next few days. In the meantime, I'm trying hard not to flatter myself (I am a Leo, after all) that over a hundred people found their way to my little blog just out of the blue.

A Final Aside
NaNoWriMo. I had high hopes and no plot. I was kicking around all sorts of ideas, when finally a conversation with my partner Asa brought things into focus. I sunk my teeth into a fairly decent plot and got it outlined, when I got my package of lampworked beads in the mail. No NaNo win for me this year. Shiny things will be my downfall.

So in case you missed it, here's that clickable banner link to my challenge again, and I hope you'll think about it -



  1. I've got the topic but I just can not figure out how to bead it, so I'm not sure I can play...maybe your "next" challenge, lol!

  2. OK, this is funny. I'm the reason you had so many hits last Saturday! I spent about a half hour on your site, looking at lots of your old posts, particularly the ones for last year's Bead Journal Project. I was looking for a couple of posts I remembered (found them, too) and just went page by page for a while. I guess your counter doesn't count individual visitors, but page views, huh? LOL!

  3. @ beadbabe - I'll most likely extend my 'deadline' if I don't get cracking on my own project soon - there may yet be plenty of time to join in.

    @ beading butterfly - If you're using Safari as your browser, then yup, it was you!! ROTFL!

  4. I use Google Chrome, not Safari, but if the only options are Explorer and Safari...well, then, *blush* :)


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