The Need To Process

Time now to be very quiet, reflect and meditate. Time to piece together all the recent experiences and stitch them into future works.

I am enjoying a real excess of riches - Jade Dog and I blitzed the local bead markets and came away with swag enough to choke a T Rex. * We ate enough food for a small hill tribe. We took a few long walks. She taught me how to cover a large bead with right angle weave. We had a great visit and we all missed her the minute she stepped into her plane home.

Now I am left to consider the mountain of beads I've amassed.

I've done two large purges of my bead stash, one of which was just this year. Now I need to sort and organize all this. Get it all into one place where I can stand back and look at it all (currently my beads are in three separate locations). But most of all, I need to get out the old sketchbooks - the beads themselves are my curent major source of inspiration - and set up a production schedule for all the projects flying around in my brain!!

These beads ain't gonna weave themselves!!

And at the same time, I'm still working on my challenge piece. So in case you missed it, here's that clickable banner link to my challenge again, and I hope you'll think about it -


* The Bead Renaissance Show was overwhelming - if I hadn't been with a professional bead buyer I would have been stunned into immobility. Thunderbird Supply is much closer to where I live than I realized and this might not be a good thing. And it's a very GOOD thing that Kameyab Imports is so far away.

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