Inspiration #44, 45, 46 . . .

(do not adjust your monitor - I finally got around to a bit of a seasonal color change - it's a subtle change to be sure, but whatcha think of the new colors and banner?)

#44: Yoshie's Toggle Gallery - this is straight up fun. Plenty of inspiration here for new and innovative closures.

#45: Valerie Hector. This is a name you might recognize - her book is on many a beadweaver's reference shelf. Besides that, her portfolio is oozing with ideas and inspirations by the fistful.
#46: The Bead Nerd. For anyone who's truly serious about their bead business, this site is a great resource - as pointed out to me by The Jade Dog (thanks, Darcy!). Lori's multi-part article on setting goals was of particular interest to me - and maybe you, too!


  1. Thanks so much (again) for the great links. I love the BeadNerd - great advice without being overkill.

  2. I haven't been by in a while... sorry to say this, but the current color scheme is not my taste. Still, there's no question that I can count on you for inspiration!

  3. @ lynn: sharing bead-related finds on the internet is one of my favorite things!

    @ magpie sue - hey, stranger!! thanks for stopping in!! The current color scheme seems to be changing daily as I work on fine-tuning it.

  4. I personally like the pea green, but I do tend to stick around a page that has a white background...my two cents.

  5. @ The Jade Dog; I've been trying get a shade of super-pale khaki green and it's just defying my limited HTML skills. The quest continues and I'm still fooling around with colors.

    BTW - I've laid in a supply of cheese varieties for your visit - see you soon!!!


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