The Day The Blog Counter Exploded

I woke up this morning to the interesting news that one of my beadworks had been selected as a 'Daily Deviation' over at deviantART. The next thing I know, I've written and sent over 150 thank-you emails to all the folks who said nice things about me over there, and I check my blog stats and whaddya know. All those great Deviant Artists have come to visit my little blog here! Nearly 200 of them!!

To say I'm overwhelmed is understating things. I've never had such an intense response to anything I've posted on the web. Just goes to show, I guess, that artists of all media make great communities.

Thanks again go to the Beading Butterfly, who sort of goaded me into posting my beaded journal over there.

I guess I'm still a little in shock. Judging by the response, I'm more than a little encouraged to enter my journal into the Beaded Book competition. Who knows?

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  1. How cool is that!!!! Congrats, Morwyn! :D


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