What Are You Wearing?

I got to thinking the other day about my own jewelry box. There's a fair bit of stuff in there. The bracelet above is just one of about twenty I've made, gone mad for and just had to keep. Then I wondered about all the terrific beaders who read this blog.

I know there are some jewelry makers who don't wear jewelry at all - which I find too odd for words - but I just know some of you out there have your own special treasure boxes and I wondered if you would share one or two of your favorite pieces with me?

Send me an email with a picture of your favorite piece - you don't have to write anything at all if you'd rather - and I'll post it here.

Send stuff to: AnotherCountry@q.com


  1. hi there! I can't get the email form to work or figure out how to send a photo to your website?

  2. I voted Morwyn but it won't process me!!! Now I am off to find you some things to photograph.

    Kathy V in NM

  3. @ KV - your vote registered just fine!

    @ beadbabe - I don't have an email form per se, just send your email to:


    Hope that helps!


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