The Beadin' Readers Share

YAY! Two readers of this blog have stepped up to share something from their personal treasure box - first up, this gorgeous bracelet from BeadBabe49:

She writes: "thanks, morwyn... This is one of my favorites...3 layers of RAW except for the "ditch" in the middle which holds the swarovski crystals...and a vintage german glass button..."

I gotta do more RAW - I don't know what my block is about it, but when the results are this fabulous, well - I just gotta do more is all. Bobbi's blog, Beading at the Beach, is chock-full of eye candy, works in progress and interesting photos. So, Bobbi - you're Inspiration #39!

Next up, Lynn has this to share:

She writes: "Hi There! Love your blog -- I made this bracelet for a bead gallery/studio in Rochester as a commissioned piece. I used a shell that a friend of mine had brought me from Florida. Although I don't wear much pink, I loved this so much, I made something entirely different to submit to the gallery, because I just couldn't part with it. Lynn "

Lynn has a wonderful Etsy shop called Beaded Heart Art which is a complete treat to browse - the shelves may be sparse now but I'll be watching for new items. While I'm not much for pink, either, I still have to say her lovely cuff here is a definite inspiration (#40!)

So dig out your favorite piece, scan it or snap it and send it to me here:


Let's inspire each other!!


  1. thanks again...and hey, 39 is one of my lucky numbers!

  2. what a sweetheart you are! Thanks for the mention!! *Big HUG*


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