And Now, The Challenge -

Are you afraid of snakes or spiders, heights or tight spaces? What fills your nightmares? Can you visualize or personalize your fear into beadwork? That can be a tall order - so how about this: Is there a technique you've always been afraid to try? Colors you're too timid to explore?

My challenge to everyone is simple - bead your fear! Any technique, any color scheme you want - as long as you're illustrating your fear.
I work best with deadlines, so let's say the deadline is 31 December.
This is the time of year when many of us have to start planning for the holidays, either at home or in our jobs, and time for ourselves become scarce.

This is a personal challenge - the only one you're competing with is yourself.
Do your best work and do it just for you.

To give you an example,
here's what I've chosen to do.

I'm terrified of doctors. I hate hospitals. So I'm going to cover this iconic piece of medical gear in a whole lotta beads. Whether in an attempt to soften the images it conjures in my head or to illustrate my sense of horror I couldn't say. As always, I'll just do what the beads tell me.

I'll be blogging my progress -
let me know if you're blogging yours and I'll post a link here.

If we all hold hands real tight we won't get too lost as we head off
To quote from Robert Frost, “The woods are lovely,
dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
and miles to go before I sleep.”


While We Wait For The Polls To Close

My beading challenge poll, that is. I may cut it short because I finally worked out what the challenge will be and I'm getting antsy about throwing it out there. Cue the suspenseful music.

In the meantime, this is what I've been up to.
I call this piece, "come to my aid." I've worn it now for three days in a row and I have to say it's amazingly comfortable. Another one I may just have to keep for quite some time.

Right now I'm working on designing an adaptation of Varvara's Russian leaves. I bought a couple of her patterns online a very long time ago, when I came into possession of a huge quantity of gemstone chips and no idea what to do with them. She has some great ideas HERE - and her downloadable patterns are modestly priced and easy to work with. This year I found one of her books,

and I just HAD to have it - I wanted desperately to attempt her carnations - something for the Future stack. She's Inspiration #41!


The Beadin' Readers Share

YAY! Two readers of this blog have stepped up to share something from their personal treasure box - first up, this gorgeous bracelet from BeadBabe49:

She writes: "thanks, morwyn... This is one of my favorites...3 layers of RAW except for the "ditch" in the middle which holds the swarovski crystals...and a vintage german glass button..."

I gotta do more RAW - I don't know what my block is about it, but when the results are this fabulous, well - I just gotta do more is all. Bobbi's blog, Beading at the Beach, is chock-full of eye candy, works in progress and interesting photos. So, Bobbi - you're Inspiration #39!

Next up, Lynn has this to share:

She writes: "Hi There! Love your blog -- I made this bracelet for a bead gallery/studio in Rochester as a commissioned piece. I used a shell that a friend of mine had brought me from Florida. Although I don't wear much pink, I loved this so much, I made something entirely different to submit to the gallery, because I just couldn't part with it. Lynn "

Lynn has a wonderful Etsy shop called Beaded Heart Art which is a complete treat to browse - the shelves may be sparse now but I'll be watching for new items. While I'm not much for pink, either, I still have to say her lovely cuff here is a definite inspiration (#40!)

So dig out your favorite piece, scan it or snap it and send it to me here:


Let's inspire each other!!


What Are You Wearing?

I got to thinking the other day about my own jewelry box. There's a fair bit of stuff in there. The bracelet above is just one of about twenty I've made, gone mad for and just had to keep. Then I wondered about all the terrific beaders who read this blog.

I know there are some jewelry makers who don't wear jewelry at all - which I find too odd for words - but I just know some of you out there have your own special treasure boxes and I wondered if you would share one or two of your favorite pieces with me?

Send me an email with a picture of your favorite piece - you don't have to write anything at all if you'd rather - and I'll post it here.

Send stuff to: AnotherCountry@q.com