Getting Things Done

I've had a box of lampworked beads in my 'chunky bits' stash for some time and now that I'm supercharged on bead crochet, I've finally worked out what to do with them. I call this piece "An Alien Desert":

The lampworked bead is from Susan Jones Designs, Inspiration #38.

My partner and I are in the process of redecorating our little 'rumpus room,' my workspace/our tv room/dining room/conference room. This means a huge shift in my paradigm - I have to redistribute a lot of my supplies and projects to less obtrusive areas. I'm not sure where things will end up - but I do know more downsizing is needful.



  1. Lovely work! The beads complement the focal and vice versa.

    I hear you with the downsizing. I spent half a day dithering about what to send to Goodwill today. I know more has to go...

  2. We have been gone or I would have seen your marvelous piece of work sooner. You have a special gift for naming your pieces so aptly.

    Am hoping to give bead crochet a try one of these days very soon . . .

    Kathy V in NM


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