Getting Things Done

I've had a box of lampworked beads in my 'chunky bits' stash for some time and now that I'm supercharged on bead crochet, I've finally worked out what to do with them. I call this piece "An Alien Desert":

The lampworked bead is from Susan Jones Designs, Inspiration #38.

My partner and I are in the process of redecorating our little 'rumpus room,' my workspace/our tv room/dining room/conference room. This means a huge shift in my paradigm - I have to redistribute a lot of my supplies and projects to less obtrusive areas. I'm not sure where things will end up - but I do know more downsizing is needful.



Inspiration Catch-Up

#35: Beadworker par excellence, Ann Benson There's a link in the article to Ann's Beads East website. I just got two of her books (one is a DVD book) through Amazon:

I've been having a ball playing with some new ideas for crocheted ropes - I know the DVD got terrible reviews at Amazon, but honestly, I thought the explanation and demonstration of joining ropes, reducing multiple strands and finishing were well worth the price.

#36: Illustrator and artist, Thomas Canty.

I fell in love with Mr Canty's artwork many, many years ago. I collected his art cards fanatically. I can sit and drink in his work for hours - something about those Romantics that just sneak up on me.

#37: Speaking of Romantics, there are piles and pots of inspiration to be found at this great site: The Duirwaigh Gallery.

Take your time, stroll slow. I go there whenever I feel the need to refresh my spirit and just give myself a huge treat.


The Latest BAO Items of the Week!

These are the BAO Items of the Week for Sept 8th thru 14th:

Check them out at the BAO Blog and on Etsy! Bead amazed! Bead inspired!


Catching Up On Inspirations

#32: Carolyn Morris Bach - quirky, fun, clever sense of jewelry design. I love her birds.

#33: Natasha St. Michael - incomparable beadwork sculpture. Stunning stuff.

#34: Diane Fitzgerald. These ginko leaves fascinate me, strangely.