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BAO IOTW 8-25, originally uploaded by Sand Fibers.

Check this out - Bead Art Originals Items of the Week

These guys - I am sooooo jealous. They are so organized, so good at this team stuff. I've been having trouble grabbing the spare moment for creating with no serious thought to promoting.

My teammates at the Bead Art Originals knock me out. Like,

KA - BAO!!


  1. Thanks for featuring the Items of the Week, even when you don't have one in the group. I'm going to make "nagging" you into giving me the information for your IOTW a special project ;p *hugs*

  2. Organized? Me? Ha!

    I had to ask for a special extension just so I could get my IOTW in the mix, and that was after thinking about it for an entire week!!

    Besides, it's obvious that you're putting your time to good use when I see something like this drop dead gorgeous cuff:

    Holy cow!!!

  3. What a compelling bunch of goodies!

    Kathy V in NM


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