Desert Study #1

I feel like it might not be done. I wore it all day today and loved the way it felt. I'm not sure I like the beads I used for the closure - the color doesn't feel quite right somehow. I'm going to stare at it for a few more days before I put a price tag on it.

I was visiting all my faves over at Flickr when I came across some photos uploaded by The Jade Dog - when I read the caption, I went right to her Etsy shop and made a purchase - check out her blog posting HERE, and perhaps you can find something wonderful for yourself while doing a nice thing for a lovely family. I met the young woman from whose estate these beads have come - she was a bright, creative soul indeed.


  1. A really beautiful bracelet.

  2. This turned out so well, Morwyn. I can understand your objection to the bead buttons when the bracelet is flat but it appears to match up quite well with the closures.

    Kathy V in NM (who almost got to visit your store today but got bumped for the trip by my husband's business associates.)

  3. @ SD: Thank you - and I really enjoy touring your web page. Easy to navigate and stuffed with great eye candy!

    @ kv - Rats! Wish you could have done a ride-along!! Another time perhaps?

  4. Morwyn,
    The bracelet is exquisite! But then, all your work is. Love the way the colors blend so effortlessly.


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