What I Did On My Birthday Vacation

July was a great month for me on Etsy and here in the store - I sold several pieces (yay! bead money!!) - but that means I have to replenish my shelves a bit. I made a promise to myself to keep at least 50 pieces in stock there. So I've been beadin'.

Southwest Melange:

This is a combination bead crochet/charm bracelet. The crocheted bit is made up of Japanese glass seeds in different sizes, most of them being 24K gold lined. The charms are aventurine bears, Swarovsky pearls, dyed freshwater pearls, a large Indian glass disk, carved and dyed tagua nuts and glass rectangle/pillows, with bright copper findings and a magnetic clasp.

Autumn Bangle:

I have to confess, I didn't make this during my holiday - but I did unearth it. It was down in the bottom of my beadbag labeled 'remake-repair'. I looked it over and couldn't find any reason to do either, so I'm putting it into the Etsy store. I still remember how I made this - I cut up a wire coathanger, bending small loops on each end. I cut a piece of plumber's tubing to the same length. I then covered the whole thing with a tight bead netting. I found a copper bangle of the right shape and bent my construction over it to shape it. Then I wrapped a brass eyepin around the loop in the heavy wire and threaded on a bead cap. I glued it in place, clipped the eyepin wire to about a quarter of an inch and spiraled it into a knot of sorts. I had made several peyote stitch bands using this color soup, and this little bangle was conceived to use up some of my leftovers.


I had been working with my southwestern desert palette for quite some time and my eyes were craving something different - something to rest on for just a little while. I found a bag in one of my stash drawers that held these colors - I extended it out a bit and added the brass for a counter punch. I sat at my table for about fifteen minutes, trying to remember how to make a wristra (a play on words - this is a ristra). That's what I call my version of the Jade Dog's fringe bracelet. As you can see, I finally remembered. All glass with brass findings and a lovely brass dragonfly dangle - *sigh*. I think it's romantic.

Adobe and Rain:

Another bead crochet bracelet in graduated sizes of beads for that wonderful spiral effect. I used silver plated findings, quartz crystal chips and Czech pressed glass shapes in crystal for contrast. The end effect, for me, was reminiscent of rainwater pouring down an adobe wall.

I'm still working on the Desert Study #1 - it only needs a bit of surface embellishment and it's ready. I started, and nearly finished, one other project - I decided to work on a leafy fringe spiral bracelet - it's been more than two years since I made one - and it only needs a few more leaves to be done.

Oh! And Inspiration #30: SuzYum Designs - while you're there, be sure to check out the Femage section. Yum indeed!

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  1. Gosh, these are all gorgeous! But I am partial to the blue-toned wristra . . .

    Kathy V in NM


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