Old Town Sunrise Bracelet

This week's inspiration - No. 25 - Dustin Wedekind:

I picked this up about two weeks ago and finally sat down to thumb through it. One of Dustin's patterns involves some tubular herringbone beaded beads. I pondered on it and came up with the Old Town Sunrise Bracelet:

Etsy news: my Golden Garden Path cuff sold to an Etsy buyer yesterday - I'm so glad it found a home at last -

The current project is about to swallow me whole. I'm working on the most ambitious freeform peyote bracelet I've ever made - I'm trying a new way of working and I'm still struggling with it - trying to refine it and make it friendlier for me.

Here's what the mess looks like:

I'm going to be at this for a while . . .


  1. That's not a mess, it's art! And I think your herringbone bracelet is ever so much better than ANYTHING Dustin Wedekind has ever done . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  2. You call that a mess??!! Sheesh!

  3. I'm crazy about the colors in your herringbone bracelet. The blends are so smooth you almost don't know they are there.
    Your mess is so much tidier than mine. LOL


  4. Thanks, guys - and when you only have about 2 square feet of workspace, ANY pile of beads is a mess!

  5. Oh.. I think this bracelet is gorgeous. And the election of colors is fantastic. Congratulations. I have reached your blog by chance,and I'm going to sign in to follow your creations, they're fab.


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