It's My Own Invention

Mine and weebly.com's, that is. Click here to see the actual website.

I'm putting up my own storefront, learning more and more about HTML, finding my way through a maze of graphic arts and striving against my natural impulse to overdo - keeping it simple.

I didn't think it would be so much fun! I have tomorrow off, so I'll be refining things, adding stock, maybe even add in my destash craft books - what the heck.

I'm still working on the freeform bracelet, as well as a couple of bead crochet sets, AND I'm unraveling the mysteries of MyPublisher. I have all my photos stuffed into a workable layout - now it's just a matter of writing all the boring bits (the why-how-when).

And I jazzed up the ol' blog a bit, too - making all my internet doorways look a bit more uniform - this really is big fun. It's almost like playing with paperdolls in a way . . .


  1. The site is going to look great! Congrats!


  2. Thanks, Arline! It's a lot of work, but I love a challenge, and I learn something new every time I work on it!

  3. You and I must be working in parallel universes, Morwyn -- I have a website under construction, too. Amazing what "old coots" can learn to do, right?

    And I love the home page of your website!!!

    Kathy V in NM

  4. Your site looks great! I had a site using mysite.com, and it was hard to work with. I checked out weebly - much better interface. Now to try and get a site set up for me!


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