A Year In Beads

The following is my year-in-review wrap up with links to all BJP related posts, but not to worry. At the end of this post is a list of links to just the finished works. A beader's digest version, if you will.

ONE wherein I launch into the odyssey in earnest.

TWO wherein I begin work on my first page.

THREE wherein the work continues for the June page.

FOUR wherein the first page nears completion.

FIVE wherein the June page is complete.

SIX in which the July page is begun.

in which the July page continues.

EIGHT in which I discover underpainting and the July page is near completion.

NINE in which I chronicle the run-up to the finish for July.

TEN in which I display the finished piece, titled Fire/Self-Portrait 1

ELEVEN which illustrates the early stages of my August page.

TWELVE which shows the finished August page, titled Lughnasadh

THIRTEEN which shows the first steps for the September page.

FOURTEEN which shows the continuation of September's project.

FIFTEEN which shows the September project nearing completion.

SIXTEEN which shows the final stages and completed page for September, entitled Mabon/Sensei

SEVENTEEN, the post about October's beginnings.

EIGHTEEN, the post about October's progress.

, the rather hurried post with my not-quite finished page for October.

TWENTY, the post which shows the finished October page, entitled Water/The Undine

wherein we see the completed page for November, entitled Samhain/Day of the Dead.

TWENTY-TWO wherein, if one scrolls to the bottom of the post, one will find the beginning of the page for December.

TWENTY-THREE, wherein we find the first update for the December page.

TWENTY-FOUR wherein we see the next update for December.

TWENTY-FIVE wherein we have the completed page for December, entitled Winter Solstice

TWENTY-SIX in which the January page makes a bit of a false start.

TWENTY-SEVEN wherein we chart the second stage of the January page.

TWENTY-EIGHT wherein we see the third stage of January's progress.

TWENTY-NINE wherein we see the completed January page, entitled Earth/Self-Portrait 2.

THIRTY, the post where I charted my progress by making a little movie. At the end of the post is the completed page for February, entitled Imbolc.

THIRTY-ONE, the post that shows the completed page for March, entitled Ostara.

THIRTY-TWO, in which the April page is shown completed. It is titled Air/The Sylph.

THIRTY-THREE, in which we see the finished page for May, entitled Beltane.

Now we come to it. How will the pages be displayed? As I mentioned, they are all interchangeable flaps for my "extra pocket" purse.

The link for the project itself is now defunct.

Oh. One last thing. That box I was working on to house the pages? Well, there was a bit of a kerfuffle there and the lunchbox had to be scrapped. The upshot is this: we're going on to Plan B. I used to make padded boxes, so with the remaining black leather, some mat board and an afternoon at my sewing machine, Something Other will be produced. And will be the subject, along with my final thoughts on the BJP, for another day.

EDIT: Here's a little shout-out to the nice folks at Jewelry & Beading, as well as Needlework/Craft Gossip.


  1. Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men, eh? Too bad about the lunchbox because it sounded like such a terrific idea. But I bet you come up with something even more wonderful . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  2. I finally had some free time to go back through all the links you provided in your post. What an amazing year in beading you have had!

    Kathy V in NM

  3. Terrific year of beading wasn't it? I wouldn't trade it for the world.
    Your work is outstanding and what a clever way to display it.


  4. Hi... I've been following your work throughout the year, and your beaded pieces are really stunning.

  5. I'm sure you'll get lots of comments on your purse ! The pages are great, and they're breathtaking with the purse !

  6. I too have been following and enjoying your work throughout the year. Right now I'm in total awe of your organizational abilities... to put together a "wrap up" post like this one is definitely a feat!

    What are some of the reactions to when you're carrying your purse? I bet a lot of people notice it... not your everyday purse! I love your idea and am so glad you posted pictures of it. Will you also email me a higher res pic of the purse?

    I think your constructed, padded, mat board & black leather box will be far better than a lunch box, more in line with the quality and beauty of your work. Bravo... sometimes kerfluffles (love that word) have a way of making things better.... probably so in this case!

    Thanks for your beautiful beading, blog and steady participation in the project!

    Robin A.

  7. That's too bad about the lunch box. I really wanted to see that one. Oh well, that's how it goes. Let's see what you come up with as plan B. Sometimes plan B's come out better than the A plan.

    I took the Clff Notes version. LOL
    Don't those pages look nice together!!

  8. Wow! I am so impressed. A year of beading and I just love the purse idea. What an imagination! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful beading and info. Lovely.

  9. I'm not a bead artist, but just wanted to say how lovely your bead work is. I've been following some of your links and loved what I saw.

  10. I was stunned just now when I noticed, looking at all the pages together, that there was a reoccurring theme of the "i" in each one.


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