Inspiration #22

This week's inspiration is a great website/blog called COLOURlovers - it's a supersized chunk of inspiration - I've avoided a whole pile of paperwork today by spending a few hours exploring this site with sketchbook in hand. Now, once again, I've got more ideas than time.

Work on finishing the BJP display bits continues apace. The lunchbox gets its shiny coat today, the purse WAS finished until I decided I didn't like the hardware I'd chosen - but that's a relatively simple matter to change out. The cover art has about 15% left to bead so I should wrap that up tonight. Looks like I'll be ahead of my deadline if nothing too horrid jumps up to derail me.

I finished the choker for my friend G - actually it's for her daughter who just graduated high school.

I loved the rhythm in the mix of matte and shiny black size 8s, so I put them together in a bangle bracelet I call
The Three Amigos:

I have a little bit of repair work to do on my old quilt (I made this quilt 35+ years ago) before I send it off to my son's family, then the decks are clear for the first time in over a year. These photos are a bit blurry, but you get the idea.

At last! I can get into the design process for a themed collection I've been stashing for - desert sunset color schemes - I can't wait!!


  1. Just discovered your blog and love your work. Thanks so much for your link to colorlovers, just what I was looking for.

    Marlies (Creative Maven)

  2. Great post, Morwyn! Don't know how you manage to do it but your links to inspiration are awesome.

    Love that amigos bracelet and your quilt is wonderful.

    Kathy V in NM


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