Displaying the Pages/The End of the Road

Here is what really should be my final entry for the '07-'08 Bead Journal Project; Displaying the Pages.

First, the purse front -

and the purse back.

Now, a slightly skewed view of the box -

and a detail photo of the box lid, which incorporates elements from all the pages which have gone before. The corners, clockwise from the upper right, are the elementals of fire, water, earth and air. The wheel surrounding the central figure (beginning with the slice containing the silver moon/star bead) and moving clockwise are The Summer Solstice, Lughnasadh, Mabon, Samhain, Yule (the black and white slice), Imbolc, Ostara and Beltane.

As I come to the end of this very special road, I'd like to look back for a moment.

Our brief was simple, with the sparest of structures - we were free to design our bead journal pages any way we want, as long as all 12 were the same size. Our primary goal during this process was to stretch our creative and technical limits. The project was about visual journaling using any media and techniques, as long as it included beading, and each of us (almost 250 of us!) were free to interpret this in any way we chose.

I chose to use beads and only beads, densely packed. My journal is a visual representation of my "memories, dreams and reflections" that each month inspired in me. I developed and refined a way of working, including my ability to plan and organize while leaving room for the spontaneous. My personal goal was to meet the challenge of making a long-term commitment and seeing it through to the end.

When the prospect of doing this for another year arose, I gave it a lot of thought in this post - Indecision.

I read over what I wrote then and find I have not changed my mind or feelings in any respect. I had a great time, but for me the party's over and it's time for me to head in another direction.

I will enjoy the next Bead Journal Project vicariously, back here in the cheap seats, through all the posts and blogs of those who decide to take the ride for the first time, and those who choose to go for it again.

Robin Atkins, our fierce and fearless leader through this process of self-discovery by way of art, has given me one final inspiration/kick in the butt at the end of it all in this post at the BJP blog. I get the feeling this project is NOT finished, and may never be. After seeing her virtual book, I determined to finish all the poems I set aside with each page, polish up all the page descriptions and get my pages professionally photographed so that I, too, could make a book for myself.

It seems my ending has not yet been written.


  1. Just the way it is, huh? I thought I was finished when I made my 12 pieces into "soul cards." But then... I changed my mind... three long days of work later, and I have a better solution. You'll see on my blog, hopefully later tonight.

    But your work is exquisite on many levels... a book will be such a wonderful thing to have and perhaps to gift to your local library or family members.

    The only comment I have, other than full support of your decision, is that you already have very nice photos. Oh, forget that... It a is fabulous thing to have professional photos!!! That's how my Rosie got on the cover of "500 Beaded Objects," and they're great for entering competitions and exhibitions too. Hope you'll post them.

  2. Oh, yes... I forgot to mention my favorite all time saying...

    The end is only the beginning of something new.

  3. We can only hope you will continue to be inspired to do yet another BJP project idea. If the prospect of a book got you going, who knows what will happen next, right?

    Much love,

    Kathy V in NM

  4. This is a stunning way to display your pages, Morwyn. I want to thank you for all that you've shared with this project. You've inspired me so much! I look forward to see what's next for you.

  5. The purse is beautiful! I love it!


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