But Wait!! There's MORE!!

The final page in my bead journal is Beltane, the May celebration of life bursting out. I used the symbolism of the scarab (self-creation), the spiraling shell (growth), and the butterfly (the soul) as emblems of the spring festival. The central figure is surrounded by the ribbons and flowers of the May pole.

And just when I thought I was actually finished with the BJP, I had this dream. I hate that, when I dream up more work for myself. I realized I still need to make a box to hold the pages. This would, of course, require "cover art".

This is one of my lunchboxes. This is the first stage with the base coat painted on. I'll be giving it another coat in a different color, then I'll be lining the box with black felt.

After I painted on the base coat, I thought - jeez, I hope they all fit in there - and they do!

So this will be the absolutely-positively-finally final page I do for the BJP 2007.

I think.

Also, I still need to make the purse for which all these pages are to be interchangeable flaps. I'm shooting for a done-and-done date of 15 June.


  1. I hope you're not done ---- I'll miss your work. The lunch box is a great idea for storing the pages.

  2. What a lovely May page, I love the spring feeling of your last two pages, and the special symbols of the last one.

    Hm... guess you may have to change your mind about for BJP 2008 - I hope you do :o)

  3. Super idea that lunch box! Betcha you have a dream that tells you the 2008 BJP won't be the same without the beaded stories you have yet to tell . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  4. May does feel like new beginnings and transformations...also like a celebration of life because of the ribbons. You have certainly created a significant body of work this year... In my opinion, it deserves "cover art." Got such a chuckle out of "I think." Yup, that's trick beads and beading play on us. Someday I so hope to see and touch your pages in person!

    Robin A.

  5. oh, I'm glad you're not going to leave them in the box...the idea of them being interchangeable purse flaps is wonderful!

  6. The lunchbox is perfect for a holder and your page turned out very nice. It will be interesting to see how the box finishes up.

  7. Good luck with that deadline! (Better luck than I typically have anyway!)

    Your May page is another beauty. Love the lunchbox idea too. My journal quilts in their purchased portfolio is working out okay but I have to say I like the idea of a totable box...

  8. Your things are so gorgeous. I am absolutely enthralled. I found your etsy site and love that you named a cuff "The Magical Fish That Grants Any Wish (in a nice cream sauce)"

    best jewelry name ever.


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