Inspirations and Observations from Miss Congeniality

This was the result in the Spring Challenge 07:
"Special Mentions for...
Color Mixology
Another Country . . . The subtle merging of color is impressive here, lots of detail too." 07 Flickr page

Here's the result in the Spring Challenge 08:
"lchandler says:
Another Honorable Mention goes to morwynskya. This beaded cuff is beautifully made and shows a flair for color and design. It's eye-catching and evokes a joyful feeling of Spring and renewal. " 08 Flickr page

So two years running I'm Miss Congeniality. *sigh* It's fun, though, to enter these challenges - I wish there were more of them like this, wherein all the contestants are using the same set of elements, stretching their design skills - and seeing the results at the end of all the different visions is really interesting.

NanC Meinhardt is Inspiration #18 for this year.

Every little thing she does is Magic, from her gorgeous wearable art to her sculpture, she makes me think all over new, pushing the limits of what I thought could be done and making me dream of what I might yet do.


  1. For what it's worth, I generally come in at the equivalent of "Miss Congeniality" too. But the challenges themselves are the point aren't they? And so hard to resist...

    Can you give me some information about your Inspirations for the year? A link to where it began or how/why it came to be perhaps. Is it a regularly scheduled thing or just whenever you come across one?

  2. You know what? I think your creations are every bit as inspirational as Nan C.'s -- so there!

    Kathy V in NM


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