April BJP: Page Accompli!

The page for April is titled Air/The Sylph:

The design of this one came about all of a sudden - I knew I wanted to create a sylph, a spirit of the air, using my own conception of what one would look like if you could actually see one. In my mind's eye I pictured wings of gold, soaring the creature up into a cloud filled sky, borne aloft by the spice winds. I began the piece by chosing my focal pieces for their color and effect. I've always associated yellow with light and air, and while the head is a glass bead and the body a piece of agate, they both seem to be streaked with clouds.

I centered the figure within the alchemical symbol for air. The wings sprouted out in a sort of art deco kind of way, then the big, puffy clouds moved in. The spice winds flowed in out of nowhere, swirling around through a deepening twilight.

The page for May, Beltane, is underway and already I'm loving it. Don't want to jinx myself by saying too much.


  1. The symbology that you use is so stunning. And the greens that you used for her body is gorgeous.

  2. It goes beautifully with the february piece...are you sure you don't want to play again next year? You'll have all summer "off" to get recharged?

  3. What a gorgeous piece! The colors , the shapes, the symbology, it is all felt so deeply.
    I love the symbolism behind all of your pieces.
    Thanks for sharing the fascinating information about myths and symbology. I love that kind of stuff!

  4. Awesome page, Morwyn!

    Kathy V in NM

  5. This is gorgeous! Looking at your whole set of work is inspiring. We sure would love to see more of your work this next year.


  6. Fabulous. I'm slightly jealous ;- )

  7. How many times have I told you I love your work? Not enough... Sylph's wings are what get me the most on this one. The winged spirit of air, borne aloft by the spice winds. How delightful can you get?

    I want to feel the weight of your book in my hands when it is finished. We must find a way!

  8. Although it's very challenging to pick favorite journals out of this amazing project, your pages have consistently been in my mental top ten list. I love the workmanship and also the themes. Super inspiring!!


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