When the Universe Gives You What You Ask For

So I'm wandering around in Hastings, feeling a bit lost, wishing for some artistic direction, looking for Something to light a fire in me, when I spot this:

And it's now Inspiration #14, happily taking new pride of place in my bookshelf.

Then I'm working all day yesterday at the bookstore and business is really slow, giving me a chance to catch up on some chores around the place. I look at all my bead work in the Gift Cabinet and feel somehow too anchored to the past, wishing I could clear things away a little faster and trying not to despair. Resigning myself to the snail's pace that is Etsy.

Next thing I know one of our regular customers is chatting with me about this 'n that. She turns around and looks into the gift cabinet and turns back to me - "Say - I got a space at the Mama's Minerals craft fair on Saturday. All I have is a bunch of earrings and some of my mom's paintings. I have way too much space - you wanna come and sell some of your bracelets?" In less than five minutes, we've traded numbers, made arrangements, committed. I have to dig out all my show gear - table and display stuff, credit card stuff, packaging stuff - and I'll need to re-tag some items. I love acting on impulse - I don't have any time to over-think things. I'll take my camera and see if I can document the enterprise.

The message is simple: be careful what you wish for. Sometimes it involves work. I'll be at the Craft Fair hosted by Mama's Minerals on Saturday, April 19th from 10 am to 6 pm, 1100 San Mateo NE, and if you're in town with a little time to kill, haul on over and say hey!


  1. That looks like the sort of book I was wishing I had a couple of weeks ago. May have to go check it out on Amazon.

    Good luck with the sale this weekend! Wish I could be there :- )

  2. What a terrific find! Sure wish I could come up to Albuquerque this weekend to see your sale . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  3. hope you had a profitable day, morwyn!


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