Clearance, Clarence!

I spent all day yesterday labeling tubes, photographing and listing my destash beads on Etsy - and I still have about 23 more listings to make. Normally, it feels good to clear out all of the extra stuff, to clear the decks and clear my head at the same time. I did this once before, about three years ago - I had an "indoor yard sale" {beads only} and cleared out all of the large beads I realized I'd never get around to using as I was now concentrating on seed bead work. It was a little difficult, letting go, but nothing like it is this time.

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The thing is, it took me about six months to get myself to the place in my head and heart where I could let go of these beads. As I was sorting and cleaning and measuring, though, I kept thinking of projects and taking things out of the "to sell" pile.

It's true I haven't touched these particular beads in over two years (for the majority of them) and I'd already made tons of stuff with those particular mixes, and even though all of it is far over in excess of what I'll be needing in the foreseeable future, still it bothers me - letting them go. I know they'll eventually go to the right hands and become objects of beauty whose forms I cannot conceive, and I know I need the space, and I can tell myself over and over why I need to destash but if you've ever had to do this yourself, you know of what I speak.

It pains me in ways I can't express.

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  1. Good luck de-stashing! If you had size 15's I would be all over that! LOL.


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