I Said I Would

And so I have. Here is my first (and probably ONLY) beading video. It took me about two weeks to figure out all the software, storyboard the thing, narrate it, add music, edit, figure out YouTube, etc., etc. It's not quite what I wanted it to be, but ya gotta stop somewhere. I forgot a lot of things, omitted others by choice, yanked out my hair at one point, but I kinda like it. And it was most definitely a learning experience.

If anything goes by too fast, remember you can hit the pause button.

I seem to have misplaced my list of supplies and bead colors, but as soon as it surfaces, I'll post it here retroactively. And just to recap, here is my finished page for February:

Imbolc/The Quickening Moon

Imbolc is the Gaelic celebration, now for St. Brigid, but originally dedicated to the goddess Brighid, that falls on February 2nd. I chose to focus on the healing aspect of this goddess and so each corner of the page features a healing stone. Clockwise from the upper left they are amethyst, quartz crystal, picture jasper and hematite. Each stone has its own healing properties, but they all promote the soothing of anxiety. This is something I really need.

I wanted this page to be all about healing. I placed my figure in the center of a triangle. I have an emotional reaction to triangles. Something about a good solid base tapering up in a symbolic reach to the heavens. Aspirations, I suppose.

So there's my little persona sitting in the middle of the triangle, just radiating all this health and energy (if you see it, you can be it kind of deal) surrounded by the healing energies of those stones flowing all around.

I have my March page planned out - now it's time to chose colors, which I'll be glad to get into. Nothing I like better than ignoring my current slate of projects which include:
1. A crocheted rope to showcase one of my polymer clay cabochons I've turned into a bead embroidered pendant
2. A bead-encrusted dragon I've had waiting for embellishment for almost four years now
3. A mermaid doll
4. A bracelet for a spring-themed challenge at Etsy
5. Adding beaded manes and tails to some ponies (Monet and Vinnie)
6. Covering a glass chess set in peyote stitch using size 15 seed beads

Now I'm off to the laundromat (taking the bead crochet with me).


  1. Very nice indeed. I like seeing the process you go through. So much of my beading is intuitive that I love to see how others plan their work out. The movie moved at a good speed and was understandable. Great job!


  2. Great movie! It was worth all the hair pulling.
    What an impressive collection your journal makes. So beautiful, so thought provoking.
    Thanks for sharing again.

  3. Well done! The photos were easy to see and I totally agree about how boring it can be to sit and watch someone else bead!
    I am curious though about using music as background instead of a sentence or two about what is happening in each of the process photos?

  4. Morwyn, thank you, that was AWESOME -- what a lot of work went into the making of that video and I thoroughly enjoyed having some of the "mystery" of your Bead Journal process revealed (loved the music, too). You remain, still, a HUGE inspiration to me. I will sorely miss not having you around for the next BJP, but I will visit you often here and keep me eyes on what your beading fingers are up to :>}} Thanks again for sharing your beautiful work and the many thoughts behind them.

    in WA state

  5. Absolutely beautiful. The movie is so fun...no clue how to do it so it is realy magical to me. Julie Cook

  6. Very nice, very nice indeed. Your piece makes me want to make more complicated movies again(with some editing). It was very interesting to see all those types of film/artistic creative processes together. When I was in film school, this project would have taken an entire semester! I liked the music in the background - seemed to mesh with your overall bjp theme (which I also like very much.)

  7. THAT WAS BRILLIANT! Beautifully done film and your piece are always so incredible. Love the layout of each one and there is a great mystery to each.

    Really, really appreciate the leson on finishing (especially since I still have no idea how I'm going to finish mine yet.) I'd better get a move on!

  8. Nice little video! I like the page a lot too :- )

    Interesting how each of us is drawn to different shapes. I seem to prefer a vertically oriented rectangle. Haven't a clue what that might say about me though.

  9. Superb stuff, both the movie & your latest page.. I like how you are finishing all of your pages, it will make a wonderful book full of inspiration

  10. Very nice - LOVED the video!

  11. How wonderful to hear your voice, Morwyn!!!

    Awesome job on the video and your sharing of the process you employ to make your pages. And this recent page is quite simply gorgeous . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  12. Bravo! What a fantastic film. I am so impressed that created this record of your BJP. I have loved all your pages and can't wait to see the last 3.

  13. How utterly cool! Thank you for sharing that. I loved watching your process and all the beautiful pages you've made. You've given me a lot of great insight.

  14. bravo!! I so enjoyed watching your creative process of putting together your BJP.

  15. Amazing. The movie is wonderful, definitely worth hair pulling. The pages looked great all put together like that. I too loved the music, none of which I have heard before. The music complemented your pages. Thank you for sharing your process of putting the pages together. I am so glad I stopped by tonight!

  16. Enjoyed your film. Actually, I find it mesmerizing to watch someone bead! Kind of like watching the washing machine go swish, swish through a cycle. Okay, it must just be my own weirdness. Really, you did a great job.

  17. I love how your Feb. page turned out. The triangle is just beautiful!

  18. Yes, the triangle is symbolic of goals, dreams and aspirations. You've wrapped the shape with a square, which is all about stability and security. I love your graphic sensibility! You are such an amazing inspiration to all of us. Thank you sooooooo much for being part of the BJP and sharing your ideas, inspirations and awesome talents with us.

    Hugs, Robin

    PS.. My PC runs XP, but your movie loaded sooooo slooooooowly, a little bit at a time... it was almost painful. Still, it was so good that I watched the whole thing. Long ago, I disconnected my sound system, so it was a silent movie for me... yet totally enjoyable.

  19. Back again... this time to suggest you take a look at my current blog post about symbols. I've linked to your blog in the post. Robin


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