Replenishing Etsy Stock

I recently sold EVERYTHING in my Mens Gifts section over at Etsy, so my work on the BJP is currently on what I hope will be a very brief hold.

Mens Wrist Rope with chita jasper

Mens Wrist Rope with flower jade

Mens Wrist Rope with raku porcelain beads

I just finished these three mens' wrist ropes, and have yet to take decent photos of them or list them at Etsy. Which will probably happen this afternoon. In the meantime, I have two more to finish, using these great chita jasper rectangle beads. They remind me a lot of Picasso jasper, with their shadings and tonal qualities of neutral colors. Love the way they rest on the wrist.

One of the problems I always have with jewelry design is finding ways to balance a piece that has a hefty focal bead - they invariably slide to the inner wrist (damn you, Gravity!!), so in this case, I solved the issue by giving the ropes TWO focals, equidistant.

Better pics later. Which reminds me - I got a new toy. A power supply for my camera, so I don't have to rely on batteries any more. My poor little old Olympus has a tendency to chomp through them at an alarming rate. AND! I can take up to 50 minutes worth of movies with it now! Very exciting stuff. Yes, I AM a techno-dweeb.


  1. I think it's tough to find way to balance something like a bracelet..

  2. Morwyn, this are absolutely stellar! Beautiful designs -- it's no wonder they are selling like hot cakes!

    Kathy V in NM

  3. I think they are awesome. I know my son would like them.
    And he is really picky.
    You really found a beautiful balance in these.


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