The Pony of Spring

Here is Maia, my entry in the Etsy Beadweavers Competition - Spring Break. I had originally intended to paint her eyes, but after many tries I gave up and gave her these big blue beads instead. Her mane and tale are an adaptation/abbreviation of a fringe bracelet design. I owe the color concept for this latest member of My Little Trail of Painted Ponies to this year's inspiration #5, Don Li-Leger, and this wall tapestry in particular.

I came across this as I was casting about for colors of spring. With the exception of using a grassier green, I kept fairly close to this (mostly) pale palette - it brings back childhood memories of California. My mother's chintz kitchen curtains, in particular. I can almost feel it, that almond blossom breeze as it lifted them so gently, a soft yellow light diffusing the room.


  1. She's beautiful! I love the colors, and her mane and tail. Congrats!!


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