January BJP Progress, Part the Third

Circles be easy. Straight lines be HARD.

For sure. Circles and spirals come more naturally to me. Working squares and straight lines are a technical challenge for me. Keeping focus on the main theme isn't difficult, but trying to rein in the natural tendency to spin off on tangents - whoa. So all the hard work is done. Now I can relax and play with creating my own square geode.

Inspiration #8 : This one's all about the beadwork. Tom and Kathy Wegman:

Too cool, eh?


  1. I'm liking this one bunches! I sure am glad my "style" lends itself to tangents. While I can easily appreciate the straight lines, my needle just doesn't seem to want to go that way. LOL

  2. I totally LOVE seeing your pieces develop... thanks for sharing your process!!!! The way you incorporated your swirls and curves into the squares is awesome!!! Can't wait to see the other half...

  3. I find your beadwork too cool!
    The way the curved lines extend over the square boxes. Bet you didn't color inside the lines, did you?

  4. Your work is so very beautiful and unique. I love all of your pieces.

  5. I love seeing how you incorporated that citrine geode pattern, Morwyn! Gorgeous work . . .

    Kathy V in NM

  6. morwyn...sorry I couldn't find your email address or i would have sent this to you via email...but, I have been reading louann udell's blog and she had a wonderful piece about what to do when a customer returns a broken piece and I remembered your experience with the cuff last year and thought you might enjoy reading her post?
    anyway...here's the address...hope it's of some help..


  7. I love Tom & Cathy's work. Thanks for sharing that link! :D

  8. I've always loved the Wegman's beaded pieces.

    Your Jan. BJP turned out beautifully in spite of the challenges you may have experienced!


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