January BJP Progress, Part the Second

Things are beginning to fill themselves in. If it weren't for the teeny holes in the ends of a few fingers, I'd swear this one was beading itself. I found these great 10/0 cubes at the International Bead Market in Omaha - never saw them anywhere else - and they perfectly reflect the overall theme.

Inspiration #7 for this year: Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke. An oldie but a goodie. The link goes to a website that has the entire text online. However, the reference on that website to the charity AIDS bike ride is over 4 years old.

And here's a little reminder - there are 7 days left to vote in the Etsy Beadwears' Challenge - Spring Break. If you have a moment, please check it out and vote for your favorite.

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  1. It sure is hard to just pick one favorite in those Beadwear challenges!

    Your Jan BJP is looking very promising. Loved your thought processs in the way you tied the last three months together.


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