January BJP - Conceptions

My theme for this page is the element of Earth and all of its associations. "Down to earth." "Being grounded." "Salt of the earth." These phrases imply images of honesty, solidity, practicality, prudence, determination, self-reliance and stability.

After the time spent examining dreams (October), walking between worlds (November), and in reflection (December), the time has come to take all those experiences and return to the 'real' world with a renewed sense of grounding, squaring everything away and launching into a new year. It's no wonder so many people make resolutions in January.

Here's my first thoughts on the page. I wanted to include certain elements to convey a sense of celebrating the earth - but this initial composition didn't really gel things for me.

So I looked at it for a long time and realized the stone for my body was too erratic - it needed to be more formalized, more in tune with the concept of getting squared away. And I'd forgot to include an element of metal - then I found this wonderful Chinese coin replica.

We are of the earth as much as we are of the stars. While I have to place myself more solidly on the ground during this time - winding up the affairs of the past year, getting the tax papers together for the accountants - this doesn't mean I'm insensitive to the beauty of the earth itself. I love rocks and stones. To hold something in your hand as old as time, a tiny piece of all that came before and know it will last far into the future is an incredible feeling.

As I was sketching ideas and web-surfing rock shops, I found this picture of a square citrine geode:

I'll find a way to incorporate this somehow . . .

And not too far off the topic is Inspiration #6: Beauty and the Beast, the television show from the '90's. Now that it's out on DVD, I've gone back to enjoy my favorite part of it - the Tunnels. I love the clothes, the caves, and the culture of the underground community. There's an overriding, timeless and organic sense of style in the 'world below' that contrasts sharply with the artifice of the 'world above.'

The voting has begun for the Etsy Beadweaver's Challenge - check it out HERE, and please take a moment to vote - this time you don't have to leave your email or anything invasive. There are 36 entries this time and the choices are wildly diverse. Eye candy at the very least - so go. Enjoy. Vote. Thanks!


  1. Squared away you looks a bit like a candle and flame... I love all of the elements and the way you have arranged them. Interesting to see how others go about the design process. Am looking forward to seeing it grow!

  2. I like your changes, morwyn...will also be looking forward to seeing where you go with this...

  3. Wow -- that citrine geode is fabulous! As always, your thought process and selection of stones and beads for your page is awesome.

    Kathy V in NM

  4. awesome themes and raw materials. It's quite powerful just at this stage cannot wait to see it completed!

  5. I love the beginnings to your January page, Morwyn. The placement, number and shape of your stone choices give it such a grounded feeling. I'm looking forward to watching your progress!


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